Ah, the 80’s–the music, the fashions, the days of my wicked youth. And here are 13 things from the 80’s I really miss:

1. MTV still played music videos.
2. I was a perfect size 5.
3. The movies: The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink…need I say more?
4. Alabama Slammers and Kamikazes. Yum!
5. Dr. Demento every Saturday night.
6. Sting and Bruce Willis both still had hair.
7. “Sunscreen” consisted of baby oil.
8. Tap beer was 35 cents a glass at my local bar.
9. Midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10. The sitcoms: Cheers, Family Ties, etc.
11. A pre-freaky Michael Jackson.
12. Feathers on EVERYTHING!
13. Candies shoes–in every color of the rainbow.