Feel Good Moment of My Day

So…I’m getting ready for the first December booksigning in Islandia this coming Friday. Earlier this week, the cafe owner told me a customer wanted to pre-order my book, A Little Slice of Heaven, because she wasn’t going to be around on Friday. I...

Long Islanders Unite

I’ve posted a very special blog message over at 2BRead today. If you’re a proud Long Islander, please stop by and leave a comment. And even if you’re not from Long Island but proud of your own hometown, head on over and boast!

It’s a Dyson!

A few years back, when I found myself shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, I fell in love. No, not with the salesclerk. With the Dyson vacuum. Dh, jealous I suppose, insisted we should buy a canister vacuum instead. A war broke out in the household appliance department...