I’ve been noticing a few common sense mistakes from writers lately and I thought I’d address some of them.

1. Your email address is important for contacting agents and editors. Cutesy ones like “Ilovellamas@gmail” might seem fun for your friends, but they don’t show a professional attitude. By the same token, don’t use a series of letters and/or numbers that can be mistaken for spam, like “cbaltblu72@yahoo” unless you enjoy having your messages disappear into the ether.

2. When writing a synopsis, it’s important to include the ending! While judging contests lately, I’m seeing a lot of synopses that say something like, “Ann is kidnapped by the bad guy, and it’s up to Roger to save her, which he does, and they both profess their love.” No mention of the bad guy’s identity or how exactly Roger saves Ann. Bad form, kids. Your target needs to know you’ve worked out all the kinks. Trust me. They’re not going to steal your brilliant idea.

3. Big Brother is watching. Don’t Tweet or Facebook your drunken karaoke session, your honest opinion of a bestselling work, or your current very personal drama with your significant other.

Makes sense, right?