Yes, today’s the day. My Cinderella-in-a-pizzeria story is now part of Amazon’s Encore program, geared to reintroduce readers to hidden gems they may have missed when they were first released.

A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN was the second book I released, this time with The Wild Rose Press, and it’s still one of my favorites. Gianna Randazzo is a kindergarten teacher, who goes back to work in the family’s Italian restaurant after a humiliating breakup with her boyfriend. Accustomed to feeding the stray animals in the parking lot, she’s unprepared for the homeless man who makes an appearance one blustery autumn evening. But Kyle Hayden isn’t the typical homeless man. And when she has to face her past, he just might be the perfect Prince Charming at her side to make all her dreams come true.

You can find the digital version of A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN at its new home at Amazon, currently on sale for $1.99. I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s as satisfying as a slice of pizza with the works!

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