I do a workshop on body language for romance writers called, “Hips Don’t Lie: Body Language Between the Sexes.” It’s one of my most popular workshops because it’s fun, funny, and informative. And it gives writers the tools to create their own character quirks to display body language, rather than providing a list of useless facts about head positions or when to tell when someone’s lying. Whenever I do this workshop, I spend some time refining my info, researching, and adding new tidbits to keep the workshop fresh. So no matter how often you’ve seen it, there’s always something you’ve never heard from me before.

For example, did you know that the strongest sense in sexual attraction is the sense of smell? We not only choose a mate based on looks, but also based on the pheromones our bodies give off. In fact, in a lot of metropolitan cities, a new popular dating craze is the T-Shirt party. Basically, each participant is asked to buy a new t-shirt and sleep in it. The next night, they bring it, unwashed to a central locale where the shirt is placed in a Ziploc bag and numbered. Party-goers then choose a date by smelling each t-shirt in its bag and choosing the one they find most pleasing. Similar scientific experiments have shown that not only can we find a mate this way, but also, our sense of smell repels us from those who are related to us. In this manner, we can find a mate who will help us strengthen the gene pool our children will inherit, making them stronger and more immune to disease.

In essence, your nose does the picking! (Make of that what you will.)

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