Yes, that’s my real name. Sort of.

My legal name is Victoria Regina. 

But I come from a long line of Victorias (mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and on and on), so before I was born, while my father insisted he wanted to name me Victoria if I was a girl (John Francis Kenneth if I was a boy–I dodged a major bullet on that one!), my mother insisted my middle name would be Regina and they’d call me “Gina.” Not Victoria, not Vicki, not even Regina. Just plain Gina.

She once told me I was named for Gina Lollobrigida. Funny. I don’t see the slightest resemblance.

According to my favorite reference book, The Secret Universe of Names, here are a few facts about Gina (a GN name):

“If the GN were a drink, he or she would be a gin and tonic: effervescent and bubbly, but with an intoxicating kick. 
GNs love to laugh and can’t seem to enjoy themselves unless everyone around them is laughing as well.”

What’s the story behind your name?

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