I’m 51 today. (Sssh. Don’t tell. I usually say I’m ten years older so people compliment me on how fabulous I look for my age.)

I already got my gift from the Hubster: a brand new Kindle Fire HD, along with a sassy cover and convenient plug-in keyboard. 

What else is planned for my day? Le Day Job. And writing, of course. Writers never take a day off. When we’re not actually writing, we’re thinking about writing: plotting our next scene, our next outline, our next book. If you catch me talking to myself (it happens more often than you think), I’m either running a scene or dialogue for my latest WIP.

Oh, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ll have a lovely dinner with my family, complete with birthday cake. That’s an ideal celebration for li’l ol’ me.

Wanna wish me a happy birthday and get something in return? Head over to my Amazon page (or my Katherine Brandon page) and get one of my books. Consider it a celebration of “Read A Romance Novel Month,” which coincides with the month of my birth. How’s that for synchronicity?

I have something for everyone and the prices range from FREE to under ten bucks, with many of my books on sale for 99 cents. Don’t have a Kindle or e-reader? You don’t need one. Several of my original hardcover editions are featured for $3.00 or less! That’s a pretty good deal, doncha think?

And those 99 cent deals? Will be going up, up, up after this month is over, so act fast!

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