If you’re looking for another post about Goodreads, look elsewhere. I’m not getting involved in that cesspit of misunderstandings, online bullying (on BOTH sides of the fence, kids!), and drama in a dram.

Lots of writers eat or starve by reviews. We beg readers to review our work on Amazon, not because we need validation (okay, some of us need validation), but to pump up our books on the Amazon queue. The higher a book stands on the queue, the more readers can find it. So if you, the reader, love a certain author or a certain book, your three sentence snippet on Amazon (and the stars you give the book) actually help other readers to find that author or book. You don’t need to be an expert. You only need to be a reader.

Did you get a free book from an author? Whether at a talk or appearance or via an online site? Write a review! Please? That’s why writers give their work away. Look at it this way. That book probably took the author months (if not years) to write. Time and money were spent on editing, cover art, publishing. All of that time and energy was given to you for free. Say thank you by taking five minutes out of your busy day to write a review. 

Writers really do appreciate you helping them succeed!

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