Yep. It’s that time again in our little neck of the woods. The Boy went back to school yesterday, which means that after Le Day Job this afternoon, I’ll be trekking to Staples for the annual improbable quest: 1.275-inch binders (with four rings), a calculator that can graph the periodic table and will cost me 9 million dollars (that he’ll use once the whole school year), composition books in any color but black, and of course, crayons–‘cuz, hey! It’s not like high school kids can prepare for the SATs without a box of 64 Crayolas.

To reward myself for fighting the crowds, driving cross-country in search of these impossible grails, and still holding onto my sanity, I always take advantage of those back to school specials and buy myself a new toy. This year, I’m thinking…printer.

I killed my Canon last year, but luckily, still had my old Dell in the walk-in closet. And while Dell is still chugging along, there’s a reason I retired the old guy several years ago. He’s too slow for me. I print a lot. I mean…a lot. I need a printer that keeps up with my needs. Eight black and white pages a minute just doesn’t cut it when I’m printing out a three-hundred-page manuscript fifteen minutes before work. (You do the math.)

So, share with me. What printer do you use and love? Which ones do you advise me to avoid?

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