As in my FREE Valentine’s Day short story, Duping Cupid. Have you read it yet? What are you waiting for? It’s FREE!

Need a sneak peek? Okay, here goes:
At coat check, she grabbed her dark wool from the clerk and slipped into the sleeves. She walked out to the lobby, ready to hail a cab when another male voice called from behind her.


Once again, she turned. Once again, Bass rushed toward her. Seeing him brought relief—a friend was exactly what she needed right now. Her posture relaxed, and she found another smile for him. “Didn’t I send you home over an hour ago?”

“Since when do I listen?”

She laughed.

“I’ve been hanging out with our new employee, Raul. Nice kid. I’d just gone to the men’s room when you came out of the dining room.” He gestured to her buttoned coat. “Early night?”

“I called our client a dirtbag,” she confessed with a wince.

“Then I’m guessing he won’t be giving us a decent referral.”

All the tension that had brewed between them over the last three months washed away under the flow of their easy banter.

He jerked his head at the glass entrance a few feet away. “Take a walk with me?”

“A short one.” Extending her leg, she showed off the spiky heel. “These aren’t exactly athletic shoes.”

“You look spectacular, by the way. That dress could get a dead man’s attention.”

“Great. I’ll swing by the morgue on my way home. If I plan early, maybe I can grab a date for next Easter at my parents’.”

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