Xavia Donovan is a key character in my latest book, In Your Dreams. She’s the manager of the Probation Department and Sean’s new boss. But she’s got her own marked history:

“Xavia.” Even the way Uriah said her name—with James Earl Jones depth and Darth Vader severity—ratcheted up the tension inside her. Clearly, his request to see her meant bad tidings. “Your son came through here. Again.”

She allowed herself to feel hope for the first time in eons, gripping the worn chair arms to keep her excitement in check. “When? Is he still here? Can I see him?” Maybe this time…

Uriah folded his arms over his gold-vested chest. “You know you cannot.”

Frustration reared its ugly head. Of course not. Once again, the Elder crushed her like an ant beneath his gilt shoe. “Then why tell me?” How long would they force her to do penance for one lousy mistake? Hands white-knuckling the chair arms, she glared up at Uriah. “Jee-zus, I get it. I screwed up. I couldn’t bear to live another day without my son so I offed myself, thinking we’d be reunited in death. My bad. And you guys saw that as a reason to punish me for eternity.”

No easy punishment, either. Instead of the joyful reunion she’d dreamed of, she arrived here and learned her suicide had damned them both to never see each other again. As much as that knowledge had devastated her, some kind of ripple effect had pulled an even worse voodoo on her son. No matter what kind of lifetime the Elders sent him to, he kept screwing up, kept winding up back here in the Afterlife before he reached adulthood.

“What happened this time?”

“He stole a car and was killed in a high-speed chase with the police.”

Police. Always the police. Her son, Noah, had been gunned down by a trigger-happy cop two blocks from their apartment in Bed-Stuy. At the time, Noah and a friend had been shooting out windows with a pellet gun. The idiot cop thought the gun was real, panicked, and shot her son straight through the heart. Since then, every time Uriah summoned her to one of these meetings, the scenario remained constant: Noah, caught doing something illegal, would come up against the Wall of Blue and lose. Every single time.

In Your Dreams is available now on Amazon.

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