If you know me, you know I usually have the TV or music on in any house or hotel room I’m currently in. I can’t think in a vacuum and total silence creeps me out. Since I listen to music most of the day at Le Day Job, at night, the television’s on–mainly for background noise. I rarely pay much attention to what’s on unless Hubster and I are binge-watching a new favorite show. 

This means it’s time for my review of the latest round of commercials that make me nuts.


Let’s do it.

First off, whoever is in charge of marketing for the animated movie, “Sing,” needs to switch to decaf. Look, I get it. You wanted to promote the movie. But when I’m watching adult-oriented programs, and okay, maybe a few parents are watching, too, but most of us don’t need to see the same ad three times in a row during every commercial break! (No lie.) Slow down, Skippy. Give someone else a turn.

Next, Volvo. In particular, the poet who writes “Afoot and lighthearted, I take to the open road…” while driving his Volvo. The editor in me cringes at the repetitive words and the meandering pattern. If the message is supposed to be driving a Volvo inspires your creative side, maybe hire a real poet to write something meaningful, instead of tapping Bill in the corner cubicle.

Huntington Learning Center. The teenager shouting at her mother in the supermarket that she’s not getting into college. Really? If your teenage daughter has a tantrum in the produce aisle, you’ve got bigger problems than whether she’ll get to college.

Toilet paper commercials. First of all, do we really need commercials for toilet paper? Is there competition from some alternative that threatens the market? Yes, I know, it’s all about the brand, but quite frankly, the ad execs are going a little overboard. Bears tell us to “enjoy the go,” while I’m also led to believe bathroom decor is watching me in there. Ick.

It’s not all bad, though. I love Subaru’s driving dogs and break out in giggles whenever I see them. The new Mr. Clean commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl gets a thumbs-up from me.

What about you? Got a favorite, or one that makes you crazy? Tell me!

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