Your characters can add humor when they’re feeling superior to others and not quite pulling it off as well as they think.

Jack Burns (played by Robert DeNiro) has feelings of superiority in Meet the Parents,Meet the Fockers, and Little Fockers, which get him and everyone around him into one misunderstanding after another with comedic results. It finally escalates to the point where, in Meet the Fockers, Bernie Focker (Dustin Hoffman) exclaims, “Wait a minute. DNA scans, truth serum, who the hell are you, Jack Burns?” When Jack finally confesses he’s retired from the CIA, Bernie simply throws his hands up and replies, “Oh, well, yeah, sure, that makes sense.”

The Office is full of examples of Feelings of Superiority (mostly from Michael–played by Steve Carrell). But check out how Dwight explains his immune system:

You can make the argument as ridiculous as you want (“Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?” “So I can lower it.”) as long as your character believes it and stands behind it.

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