Last night, after a terrific turnout at the Literacy signing (a special hello to fan girl Gabriela, who insisted on taking a photo with me, which totally made my night!), the Dunes & Dreamers (a term coined by our own Bertrice Small) finally settled down from the day’s business at 10 pm for dinner. Afterwards, we scanned the dessert and after-dinner drinks menu. I, naturally, caught “absinthe” on the menu. Three of the five of us there immediately decided this was an opportunity not-to-be-missed and ordered glasses of the Green Fairy. Ummm…it’s not quite as green as I thought. And it tastes like green Nyquil. Only stronger. And we didn’t get little sipping glasses of the stuff either. These were rocks glasses! Okay, so Debora couldn’t finish hers so Trisha and I had to empty her glass for her. But it was nothing to write home about. Still it’s something I can check off my bucket list. If…I had a bucket list.

This afternoon, the one and only divine Nora Roberts inspired the writers, editors, agents, and industry professionals gathered in Orlando with an amazing keynote speech regarding what it takes to succeed in the romance publishing business. To sum up, she told us all to stop thinking about the good old days when it was “so much easier” to get a publishing contract and “ride the hard.” Because as hard as it is now, it was just as hard ten years ago, ten years earlier than that, and it’ll still be just as hard ten years from now.

What changes are the types of hurdles. But the writers who spend their energy complaining about the height of the hurdles will never surpass those who grit their teeth and jump the hurdles instead. As my son used to say when he was a toddler, “I’ve got my running and jumping shoes on.” How about you?

Stay tuned for more as news develops! With pictures, I hope!