With grateful thanks to the lovely and talented Dawn Brown for the following award:

As usual, this sucker comes with rules. So here we go.

First, I need to pass this on to five recipients. Second, I must say something about each person I honor. Third, the link back to the recipients. And fourth, I have to link back to the person who honored me. Well, I took care of Dawn. Now it’s time for the other five people. Oh, golly, who will it be?

1. Debora Dennis, the original Saucy Scribe whose incredible talent is only surpassed by her consumption of coffee and Lindt chocolate. No wonder I love her.

2. Candace Gold, Sweet and Sassy, with a heart wider than the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve shared our favorite vices: I introduced her to beer and razzaritas, she introduced me to rabbits and something called “the wave.”

3. Judith Leger, who writes paranormal and fantasy, but is probably one of the most grounded and genuinely good people I know.

4. Jennifer Shirk, the prettiest Housewife of NJ evah! And despite her blond good looks, I still like her. Go figya.

5. Gwyn Lacy, who will one day be a force to be reckoned with in the publishing world!

Go for it, ladies. Enjoy your moment in my orbit. Ha-ha!