Another rave review for The Bonds of Matri-money, this time from Romance Junkies. Don’t forget, you can win an autographed copy by showing up at the Romance Divas Not Going To Conference shindig. (See details in my previous post!)


“At the age of twelve, Renata Moon was in a car accident in which she was injured and lost her parents and brother. Kind medical experts helped her recover. Since then she swore that she would someday assist people as she had been helped. Now a grownup, she establishes a nonprofit organization called Majestic Health Contractors. Renata runs this organization while she continues in her career as a nurse. However, her social life is a mess. Her live-in boyfriend just ran off and married someone else; sadly, he informed her of his intentions by leaving a note on her door. Connell MacAllister, a contractor, meets Renata when she comes to him seeking a contractor to renovate a house for a mother diagnosed with lung cancer. Attracted to her, Connell not only agrees to take on the project, but becomes Renata’s permanent partner in Majestic Health Contractors. After losing a frivolous civil suit filed against the organization, it looks as if Renata and Connell will have no choice but to close it down. Desperate to save the organization and hearing about a reality show for newlyweds where the winner will receive one million dollars, Renata sees her chance. She talks Connell into a temporary, platonic marriage so they can enter the contest. What she doesn’t count on is being handcuffed to Connell — except for bathroom breaks — and living on an island in a tent with him for thirty days. Nor did she count on the sweltering temperatures, heavy rains, skimpy outfits and the strong feelings she is developing for Connell. Will they be able to win the contest? With such close contact, how long will their marriage remain platonic? After the show is over, can they go back to being partners? THE BONDS OF MATRI-MONEY is a lighthearted, sensual, romantic novel. Some of the situations they find themselves in will leave you laughing and rooting for Renata and Connell. The compromising situations, witty dialog and believable secondary characters make for a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend THE BONDS OF MATRI-MONEY. “

–Dottie J./Romance Junkies