One of my recent reads was a book by an author whose works I used to devour on a regular basis. At one time, I had half a dozen favorites among her collection, stories I’d re-read again and again, or just flip to favorite scenes to analyze how she’d put them together and figure out what made them work for me. This last one almost hit the wall. My problems?
1. Too much backstory: the history of two countries plus a whole bunch of machinations between secondary characters.
2. Too many secondary characters: I had to start writing them down to keep track.
3. Too much headhopping.
4. The H/h don’t meet until Chapter 26!!!
Chapter 26! Swear to God!
To be honest, I don’t know why I kept reading (particularly if you read my post on life being too short for bad books), but I plowed onward, ever onward. Eventually, the book got better. And I enjoyed the main characters and their storyline. BUT… (you knew there’d be a “but,” right?)
Why did it have to take so long to get there?
Did Famous Author decide she no longer needs an editor? (Because she’s dead wrong.)
While I liked the story, I didn’t love it. The issues stayed with me throughout and I knew the ending long before I got there. The upshot? I’ll definitely think twice (or more times) before I pick up another book written by a lady who used to be an “automatic buy” for me.
Has any author disappointed you this way? If so, what issues caused you to break up with that author?