Sad, but true. Today was the last game for this year’s Three Village Wildcats Youth Football League. For my son’s team, this was not a stellar season. We finished the year with an abysmal record of 2 and 8, with many games going scoreless on our end. Still, there were lessons learned, good times had, and we’ll look forward to the 2008 season as that glistening land of hope far off on the horizon.

What did we learn? We learned that sometimes, even adults can act like kids and need to be reined in. We learned that this is a team effort and no matter how good one individual is, if his teammates don’t bring their A game, a win is never guaranteed. But we also learned that family isn’t always defined as people with shared blood and genes. And that as long as there’s time on the clock, it’s not too late to make that touchdown run.

We’ll be back next year. Because despite any minor annoyances, we’re a family on that field. And there’s always a new day, a new opponent, a new game waiting for us.