Today was the last football game of the season. And the Wildcats showed top form to come out on top: 13-6!! That makes their record: 6 Wins, 3 Losses, 1 Tie. Yay, Wildcats!!! Nick, who’d spent the entire week home sick after playing in the teeming rain last week was one of the best players out there, tackling players at key moments to keep the offense from scoring. At the end of the game, his coach stepped up to me and joked, “Thanks for keeping him home from school all week so he could light the field on fire today! We really appreciate it.”

Of course, with football done for this year, our thoughts turn to the holidays just before lacrosse starts at the beginning of December. Last night I began my shopping list for Thanksgiving and asked the family what they expected to see on the table this year. Dh requested stuffing (as usual) and apple pie for dessert, dd wants my famous green bean casserole (not the Campbell’s one–check the recipe section; if I get a chance I’ll try to post it here. Trust me, it’s out of this world!) and cranberry sauce, ds wants sweet potatoes and baby peas. Both kids want pumpkin pie (naturally.) “What about the turkey?” I innocently asked. Their reply? “Who cares? Just make sure you have the side dishes.”

Yeah, that’s kinda what I figured. Anyone for turkey soup?

In any event, I’m wishing you and yours a bountiful Thanksgiving and many sales as you start your holiday shopping!