Congratulations to my dear friends and fellow LIRW members, Candace Gold and Michele Lang on their talk yesterday at the Northport Library on The Ins and Outs of E-Publishing. Their enthusiasm for this digital medium is so infectious, they had me thinking what the future might hold for e-books and publishing, in general! While the crowd was small, Michele and Candy held them enthralled from beginning to end with what it’s like to be e-published, the triumphs and pitfalls, the pluses and minuses. For Michele, this type of talk is par for the course; she’s a fixture at most of our appearances and signings. But this was Candy’s first shot on the dais, and as expected, A STAR IS BORN!

It’s always interesting to attend these types of events because you can usually spot the serious “book of my heart” writers in the crowd, the ones who just need the right push to get them eager to start the journey. They usually stay ’til the very end, take copious notes, and ask the most questions. For those of us who’ve already reached some pinnacle of success in our own journeys, seeing that new spark in someone else uplifts you like nothing else.

Stay tuned to my website and the LIRW site for info on upcoming events. Maybe we can give you the push you need!