It’s been a long wait. I first wrote this story in 1998 and she clocked in at 800+ pages when I finally typed The End. Now, I know most wise people will tell you that your first manuscript should be hidden under your bed, never to see the light of day.

But I’m not wise.

And I truly loved this story of Antoinetta and Darian, of Kismet (the goddess of fate), and the exotic details of Masulipatnam and New Orleans in the early 19th century.

Over the next ten years, I wrote a dozen other manuscripts. And with each manuscript I wrote, I learned something new about myself and my writing. Then, I would turn my new knowledge loose on this baby. As my writing grew, I cut more than 400 pages of extraneous information, heightened the tension, deepened my POV, clarified my characters’ GMC. Always, the characters and the story remained whole.

Now, after all those years, all those revised versions, and all that ink and paper I went through, the world gets to see the result. Kismet’s Angel, Book I of my Kismet series, is a true labor of love. And I couldn’t be prouder. I hope you’ll pick up your copy of Kismet’s Angel in paperback or e-format. And I hope you’ll enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it.

You can buy your copy here. And thanks!