With the LIRW’s Annual Agent/Editor Luncheon just 5 days away now, I’m busier than a sorority chaperone on “Meet Brad Pitt night.” My speech has been written (and rewritten and rewritten…), gift baskets for our raffle are filling up the shelves in my garage, I finally found shoes to go with my dress last night, and my mother in law has graciously agreed to come with me to man the fundraising table. (Thanks, Mom!)

Left to do: pick up favors, set up seating chart for the agents and editors in attendance, choose linen colors and make final installment payment to the Hilton.

I’m grateful that the Luncheon Committee works so well together year after year. Even with the speed bumps that pop up routinely (no matter how hard we try to avoid them) these ladies manage to make this event a success year after year. This year will be our most successful ever, with a bevy of editors and agents in attendance. If you’re going to be with us, stop by and say hello.

On that very same day, my daughter will graduate junior high. So Mom and I will be running from her ceremony to the luncheon with nary a minute to spare. I’d better have my Wheaties for breakfast that day. Once June 9 is over, life may settle down to semi-normal until mid-July when I start getting ready for National.

Writing wise, I’ve been working on a new rom-com. It’s fun and sassy, with characters I love discovering as I get deeper into the manuscript. Tentatively titled, “Straight From the Heart,” this story features Hayley Jeffords, the secondary character in “A Little Slice of Heaven.” Stay tuned: I might give you a sneak peek at Hayley’s adventures in a later post.