Nicole Fleming and Dante LaPalma have nothing in common except an old man’s legacy. Joe Corbet has promised that a great treasure awaits them–if they’re clever enough to solve his riddles within a six-month time frame, that is. According to Joe’s will, Nicole and Dante must participate in several excursions. After each adventure, a new clue will be presented that will lead them to their next obstacle. Only when they’ve completed every task can they discover the treasure meant just for them. 

Along the way, Nicole and Dante are forced to share their secrets and place their faith in one another. If they can learn to work together, they’ll discover what’s truly important in life. And maybe, if they’re lucky, they’ll find the greatest treasure of all: love.

Want a sneak peek? Okay, you’ve twisted my arm.

The lawyer rose, flipping the manila folder closed. “If there are no more questions…”
“Wait!” Nicole repeated. “What’s your rush?”
        With one extended index finger, Mr. Stern slid his glasses up higher on his nose. “I do have other clients.”
“Tough ta-tas.” She said the phrase with a smile, yet the undercurrent was undeniably angry.
Dante bit back a smile. So Little Miss Fleming had a temper. Who would have guessed? Certainly not Gramps, who only spoke of his stepdaughter in the most glowing terms. So much for the old man’s opinion that she was as different from her mother as a snake from kittens. The only thing kittenish about her was the possibility he might see some fur fly before this meeting ended.
The lawyer offered her the same bland expression he’d worn since they entered the office. “I’ve already told you all there is to know. The rest is up to the two of you. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”
Craning her neck, she fixed a glazed stare on the lawyer’s backside and swayed her legs in an aggressive rhythm: back, forward, back, forward, building speed, back…
The rapid motion drew Dante’s attention to something he hadn’t noticed in his earlier studies of Nicole Fleming: an imperfection that confused and intrigued him. On the strap of her purple sandal, a quarter-inch square of tan caught his eye. A Band-Aid. Did her shoe have a boo-boo? Or was she so totally clueless she didn’t know how to put a Band-Aid adhesive side down on her skin?
“I’m picking up a good backswing here,” she hinted, her legs rocking at an almost furious pace.
The attorney’s face flushed crimson. “Young lady, if you think you can intimidate me–”
“Ms. Fleming,” Dante cut in before the temperature in the room grew from heated to violent. “Why don’t you and I grab some lunch somewhere? We may as well get started on this adventure.”
She veered toward him so quickly he thought she might kick him instead of the attorney. For a brief moment, her eyes flared the blue fire of a gas stove. Then, with a deep sigh signaling surrender, she let loose with Linda’s favorite F word.

Formerly only available in hardcover, A Run for the Money has been re-released by Amazon’s Montlake Publishing in paperback and Kindle versions. This is a fun romp around Long Island with two characters you’ll fall in love with and root for. You can find your copy at Amazon.
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