It’s almost winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, and our thoughts turn to snow. What better time to fall in love with a skiing romance? 

In Nobody’s Business, ski champion Brooklyn Raine has  given up the spotlight for a quiet life in Vermont as bed and breakfast owner, Lyn Hill. Bitter and emotionally closed off after the death of her husband, Lyn wants nothing to do with her former fame or the rabid reporters who recorded her most devastating moments for publicity. But the slopes still enthrall her and she’s given a lot of her time and money to a rehabilitation program for war veterans called Ski-Hab. 
Sports reporter, Doug Sawyer, isn’t a true war veteran, though he was injured in a military fracas in Iraq. When he told his boss he’d give his right arm for the opportunity to embed with an athlete-turned-soldier and gain the interview of a lifetime, fate took him at his word. Bitter and maimed emotionally as well as physically, he becomes Ski-Hab’s first civilian participant and comes face to face with a woman who just might represent his road back to sports journalism. If he can convince her to tell her story… 

Nobody’s Business is the second of the Nobody trilogy, originally released in 2011-2012 from Avalon Books, now re-released in digital and paperback formats by Montlake Romance, the publishing arm of Amazon.

I hope you’ll give it a try!

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