I went food shopping last week and the first thing to catch my eye was an endcap display of Quisp Cereal. Holy cow, Quisp is back! If you’re over the age of 35, you probably remember Quisp and his counterpart, Quake. Well, Quisp has returned. According to his box, he’s been on Planet Q the last thirty years gathering the tasty ingredients to continue making his special breakfast treat. Welcome home, Quisp. I know at least one overgrown boy who’s thrilled to see you again.
Also in big breakfast news: The WaffleSandwich is back at Dunkin’ Donuts. This news item didn’t garner quite so much excitement in me. Why? Because as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up poor. So poor that, when items were on sale in the grocery store, Dad would buy them in bulk (long before Costco and BJ’s had the idea). During one particularly unique time in my youth, waffles were ridiculously cheap–something like 10 boxes of 10 waffles for a buck. Naturally, Dad bought out the store. For the next several months, we used waffles in place of bread for just about every meal you could think of. Peanut butter and jelly? Put it on a waffle! Bacon and eggs? Put it on a waffle! To this day, I can’t eat waffles—not even waffle cones for ice cream. Sorry, DD. The WaffleSandwich is just not enticing me into your door. But on the upside, your chocolate chip muffin and raspberry coffee never let me down!