No, not in any WIP or book I’m reading. Chapter 215 is the official number given to Dunes & Dreams as one of the newest chapters of RWA!

It began over lunch at a local seafood restaurant on a cold Sunday afternoon in December 2008. In attendance were myself, Debora Dennis and Candace Gold. We discussed our ideas for a new organization for romance authors, geared toward those far-flung members on the eastern end of Long Island who had difficulty attending meetings in Nassau and Western Suffolk counties. As the Diet Coke flowed, we tossed around ideas for a chapter name, a logo, a motto, a contest, and even, eventually, a conference. We thought about prospective members we believed would most benefit from our location and our mission statement.

Jazzed on excitement and caffeine, we immediately began the task of making our conversation into a real entity. The result is Dunes & Dreams RWA, Chapter 215 of the Romance Writers of America. If you’re looking for a chapter that will help you make your writing dreams come true, why not give us a try? You don’t have to live on Long Island to gain benefits of membership. And if you do live on Long Island, we’d love to meet you and let you see for yourself if we’re your perfect fit.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, May 30 at the Mastics/Moriches/Shirley Library. Join us to celebrate this milestone, get involved in our organization, and take a step toward making your publishing dreams come true!