Here’s to another fantabulous LIRW Luncheon! I have to admit to feeling a great deal of pride at being involved in such a wonderful event. The guests were genial and filled with compliments for our hospitality, our laughter, and our camaraderie. The LIRW, while a small chapter, is a great one and filled with people I consider more than friends: they’re my sisters! This year, we hosted agents and editors from a lot of varied houses. Many were return guests, several were new to our event. All promised to return next year. Mimosas flowed, business cards were exchanged, lots of new contacts were made. We even raffled off several gift baskets, filled with various goodies donated by some of our published authors.

This year’s luncheon was a little bittersweet for me. Since I close out my second term as LIRW President and I already served as Luncheon Chairperson a few years ago, yesterday was my last time at the podium. Although–co-committee member Michele Lang mentioned the LIRW should consider making me the official Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. “You put everyone at ease immediately,” she said. “And the editors and agents realize that when we say this is a ‘relaxed’ event, we mean it.” Hmmm…I will admit the idea does hold some appeal to me. I actually have fun with the public speaking part. Go know. The shy girl from Copiague High School has an inner love of the spotlight and speaking to crowds.

But the saner side of me realizes that such an idea, while fun to consider, is unfair to those LIRW members who will come after me as President and/or Luncheon Chairperson. It is their turn in the spotlight and, as nervous as the idea might make them, they will benefit from the experience when they’re asked to speak at other functions.

Which reminds me that I have my first “library talk” coming up soon. But more about that at a later date. If you saw me at the luncheon, thanks so much for coming! I hope you had as much fun as I did. If not, why not consider attending next year’s? You won’t be sorry.