I got the email an hour ago that my prolific alter-ego Katherine Brandon’s going to have another sale to celebrate soon. Kismet’s Salvation, Book III of the Kismet series is about to be contracted with The Wild Rose Press. Want to hear the blurb?

Lydia Winchester’s plain features and bookish personality have doomed her to spinsterhood in Victorian London. Her true interests lie in a far-off, exotic land she’s determined to reach in order to right a terrible wrong.

Armand St. Clair’s only loyalty belongs to the sea. When a little mouse of an Englishwoman saves him from the gallows, he feels honor-bound to accede to her brother’s request and escort her to Hong Kong. But treachery and danger sail with them on the high seas.

In a mystic empire, Lydia will face the evils of greed, opium, and betrayal to find her true self: a woman of incredible honor, courage, and determination. A woman destined to love the one man who gave her his protection and his name when she needed them most.

Armand and Lydia hold a very special place in my heart and I’m thrilled to be able to share their story with the world. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book when it finally hits the shelves! Somewhere, the goddess of fate is clearly smiling on me.