Yep… we’re in the home stretch for the trek to NJ’s Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. Since slips of paper seem to disappear in the vortex that is my desk, I thought I’d post my To Do list here so I can keep track online. If you’re attending, feel free to add your own To Do’s or suggest what I might be forgetting.

Things to do:

Pack (naturally)
Wash and vacuum car (I’m the designated driver for my group)
Make my tote bag (I made everyone else’s but neglected to do one for me–duh!)
Map out the route and be sure GPS is charged and ready!
Gather my books and goodies for the literacy signing
Print copies of my WIP chapters for my meeting with my crit buddies
Prepare the kids for my absence (stern warnings to attend school, arrange rides for work and football practice, etc.)
Make sure I have plenty of small bills to make change for book sale
Practice elevator and bar pitch for agents and editors
Make final arrangements with carpool buddies

Added: Charge batteries for laptop and camera

Did I miss anything?