Books? Check!
Promo items? Check!
Autographed by the Author stickers? Check!
Lock box for cash? Check!
Stands to display books? Check!
Banner? Check!
Special signing pens? Check!
Giant check? Check!

Looks like I’m ready for Saturday’s big event at Pindar Vineyards. Are you coming? Don’t forget.

Three hours: 12-3 pm
Twelve authors: Gina Ardito, Donna Barnes, Terry Brody, Debora Dennis, Thea Devine, Candace Gold, Marilyn Levinson, Barbara Metzger, Marianne Petit, Margaret Reyes Dempsey, Bertrice Small, and Eleanor Sullo

Need more reasons to take the drive?
1. A portion of all the sales will go to benefit Literacy Suffolk, a non-profit literacy program dedicated to teaching Long Islanders to read and write.
2. It’s Mothers Day weekend. Bring Mom and make a day of it.
3. Wine, romance, and chocolate. A trifecta of girliness.

So come join us! We’ll save a few books for you.