It’s coming next week! My new release for Kindle Worlds, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, is set in Carolyn Brown’s Blame it on Texas world. What does a New York brewmaster know about opening a craft brewery in the Palo Duro Canyon? Depends upon the brewmaster, I suppose.

Bo McKenzie isn’t an ordinary brewmaster; she’s got a degree from a great brew school in Germany and a book full of recipes. She’s tough and knowledgeable and…scared to death. This is her last shot to get her life right. Fleeing a failed marriage and lots of bad publicity, she’s spent her last borrowed dollar to create her Empire – Empire Brewery. While she’s planned every flavor, every detail of the building, every step of the grand opening, she didn’t count on the legendary charm of the men in this region – chief among them her brewery’s legal representative.

Attorney Drew Garwood has enough trouble juggling his caseload and his brother’s antics without adding romance to the mix. He knows his way around legal briefs, but Bo’s penchant for wearing his boxer briefs jump starts his heart like a poke with a live cattle prod. Loving a woman who can’t trust isn’t easy, but he’s in this for the long haul – until someone deliberately sabotages the brewery and suspicion falls in his direction.

Now, Drew will not only have to find a way to convince Bo to stay in the canyon, he’ll have to find a way to protect her from the danger lurking around them both.

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE will be available from Kindle Worlds on February 10!