So you know how I’ve been saying lately that I’d have big news about Duping Cupid? Okay…I guess it’s time to tell everyone since the contracts are signed, the paperwork’s been transferred, and the deal is done. All that’s left is the finished product. Ready?

Okay. Deep breath.

Duping Cupid has been acquired by a European publisher for translation and worldwide sale in the Macedonian language

That’s right. Like another famous Macedonian, Alexander the Great, Cupid is going to take Europe by storm. The publisher, Ars Lamina, hopes to have the trade paperbacks available for sale in time for Valentine’s Day. And I’ll get copies for myself so when they arrive, you can bet I’ll share photos here so you can all see.  

Have you read Duping Cupid yet? No? What are you waiting for? It’s FREE on Amazon right now! But…not for very much longer. Grab it while you can. The reviewers love it. You will, too.

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