An open letter from a woman who can parallel park like a boss:

I don’t know if anyone outside the tri-state area has seen this commercial, but every time it airs on my television, I have to leave the room before I chew up the couch.

What kind of sexist crap is this? Why don’t you show a guy who can’t parallel park? And what’s with her options? She supposedly knows she’s gonna one day hit someone, so she can either 

(a) Take the bus


(b) Get Liberty Mutual Insurance’s “accident forgiveness.”

What about…?

(c) Find a friend, coworker, spouse, neighbor who does know how to parallel park and have that person take her someplace safe where she can practice ’til she’s got it down


(d) Call up her local driving school and pay for one lousy lesson? 

Either option would cost her less in the long run and give her a sense of accomplishment that she mastered a personal weakness. Win/win.

Seriously…parallel parking isn’t brain surgery. Nor is it some skill most women can’t master because our limbs are too short or our necks don’t stretch to the right angle or our boobs get in the way.

You just might be surprised to learn this, advertisers, but I’ll let you in on a secret that must have escaped your notice: We’re actually fairly capable human beings.

Now, get that ad off my television screen before I rip your bumper off.

No Love,


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