After finishing my last story, Duping Cupid, I needed a break before diving into In Your Dreams, the second book in my Afterlife series. Usually, when I take these breaks, I re-read old favorite books rather than new stories. I find comfort in the familiar and the fact that I know all the nuances of the plotline allows me to break away when my well’s been replenished and I’m ready to take on my newest project.

This time around, I did something I’ve never done before. I re-read my entire backlist. At one point, my husband caught me and asked, “Are you reading your own books?” I assured him I was. “That’s just weird,” he replied.

Maybe. But…is it? As I read each book, I felt pride at what I’d written, picked up on turns of phrase that I had totally forgotten, and even laughed at my own witticisms. So now I have to ask.

Do you read your backlist?

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