Well, the day has finally arrived. Today I opened my front door and found a large box on my porch. With the holidays over, I knew I wasn’t expecting any packages and the return address gave me absolutely no clue that it was anything but books. Now I routinely get packages filled with books, but this was much larger than my typical Amazon box. And then…Eureka! It hit me.

These were copies of MY book! Yes, friends, my book.

That means, in just a few weeks, it will be available in bookstores around the country, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com.

Can I share with you how exciting it was to actually hold my book, with a cover and bound pages, in my hand? I’m walking on helium! My heart feels about ready to fly out of my chest with excitement and my feet just wanna dance.

So when you feel like giving up because you doubt you can make your dream come true, remember me. Think of this moment, and realize you can do anything if you just believe in yourself!