I’m a sucker for fairy tale movies–not just the Disney versions, but the ones that take the fairy tale, modernize, and twist. Two movies, in particular, stand out for me (probably because I watch them every time they’re on television when I’m home). 

The first I watched (for the zillionth time) yesterday: Beastly. It’s an updated Beauty and the Beast, naturally, complete with the witch who casts the spell (played by Mary Kate Olsen and wow! She’s perfectly creepy and yet totally likable in the role), the loyal servants (with Neil Patrick Harris as a snarky blind tutor), the requisite roses, and that grand sacrifice for love that always makes me sigh. It’s sappy and predictable and I love every minute of it.

The second is Sydney White, an updated Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, starring Amanda Bynes (go ahead…scoff. I’ll wait.) In this version, Sydney (Snow White) finds trouble in college when she comes up against the evil Rachel Witchburn, is forced to live in campus housing with seven misfits, and falls in love with Tyler Prince. The Snow White references are thick and fast, right down to their version of “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho!” And it’s sappy and predictable and I love every minute of it.

Got a favorite fairy tale movie I should check out? Tell me! I’m always in the mood. 

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