Personally, I don’t make resolutions. Thus, at the end of each year, I don’t reflect on what I failed to accomplish. I look back at the memories I’m carrying forward and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

I started 2014 in a rocky place, but I struggled through, made significant changes, and feel more at ease in my world than I have in a long time. So, what have I learned?

1. I am resilient. I can bounce back from the negatives.
2. I am introspective. Point out my faults, and I’ll consider your opinions. I might even surprise you (and myself!) by admitting I was wrong and correcting my bad behavior. 
3. I am tenacious. Well, really, I always knew that. But in 2014, I learned to seek out what I need, rather than wait for the universe and the powers-that-be to hand it over.
4. I am worthy of more. This was a tough lesson for me to learn, but after a lifetime of settling for complacency, I finally realized my true value in all aspects of life. “Good enough” is no longer good enough.
5. I am free. All the negative aspects I’ve been connected to throughout my life have been severed. I can now move forward in a positive way.

Welcome, 2015! I’m ready for ya. Let’s rock!

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