So…I’m getting ready for the first December booksigning in Islandia this coming Friday. Earlier this week, the cafe owner told me a customer wanted to pre-order my book, A Little Slice of Heaven, because she wasn’t going to be around on Friday. I happened to have several copies in my car so I battled the elements to dash out, grab one, sign it and bring it back to the cafe owner.

This morning he told me the lady in question was thrilled to receive her copy so quickly. He asked her if she’d read it yet. She told him the book wasn’t for her; it was for her niece in Ohio–she had actually asked specifically for my book for Christmas and this lady couldn’t believe her good luck that I was actually going to be near enough for her to not only buy the book but have it autographed as well.

So…to my fan in Ohio: thank you and enjoy. Your aunt’s efforts gave us both a great big smile (I hope!)