RWA‘s National Conference is just 15 days away. So…how ready am I? Well, that depends. My transportation and accommodations are all in place and have been for months. I’ve been in touch with my roommate, Debora, as well as my hotel room neighbors, Cate and Shelby. I have cell phone numbers for other friends I hope to run into, including my favorite couple, Leslie and Brandon Dennis. Brandon is my web guru, owner of Writer Webs. Leslie is a multi-talented writer who runs one of my critique sites, Romance Writers Unlimited. While they won’t be attending National this year, they’re close enough that they can drive to the hotel and meet the rest of us for an evening of fun!

I’ve been going through my wardrobe, planning my outfits. Oddly enough, most of my clothing this year is black, white, or both. Seems black and white are the hot colors this summer. While it makes it easy to pack shoes (last year I brought six pairs, plus my sneakers!), it also looks a trifle…well…dull. So I wanted a more colorful dress for Saturday’s Awards Ceremony. I found a drop dead gorgeous red gown on the web and promptly ordered it. Now, admittedly, I don’t normally wear red–since it can often clash with my hair. But this time, I wanted something vibrant–red seemed to fit the bill. Until it arrived. It’s red, which I expected, with silver sparkles, which I also expected. But it’s also Pouf-City, which came as a bit of a surprise. It’s wider than Scarlett O’Hara’s ball gown and that much tulle is a bit heavy for Dallas in July. So…back the dress goes and the hunt continues for something fun, colorful, and fabulous.

Why do I envision myself shopping while in the Big D? Ah, well. Something tells me house-hunting Debora will be there with me, just as frazzled and desperate. Shopping’s always more fun in pairs!