Photo Courtesy of Morgue File

I’m currently 28,000 words into the next installment of the Calendar Girls series, HOMECOMING IN NOVEMBER. After spending a year working on a manuscript I just couldn’t bring to fruition, it feels great to have my groove back.

Writers are sensitive creatures. Every book we write we fear will be our last. Every time we get stuck, we worry that our muse has left us for good, that we’ll have no more stories to tell, that our creative well has gone dry.

This year was tough for me. After releasing WAITING IN THE WINGS last spring, I thought I was ready to finish the story for my editor at Harlequin, only to discover (some eight months later), by trying to make the story fit my editor’s requirements, I’d created a Frankenstein story that I hated. So…back to the drawing board for Harlequin.

In the meantime, winter arrived and with it, one of my favorite winter activities: a hot bubble bath. And because I like to read while I’m soaking in the tub, I pulled up what I’d previously written on HOMECOMING, rather than taking my Kindle or an anticipated paperback with me. Within minutes, the story started flowing through me. I was caught up in the excitement. I loved the characters, the plot, the humor I’d begun writing last year. With a clipboard, pen, and stack of scrap paper, I wrote. Page after page, adding hot water when the tub grew cold. I must have stayed in there for about two hours. The spark was back.

And now, I’m eager to get this finished, off to my editor, and contact my cover artist to get her started.

So stay tuned, dear friends. I hope to complete at least three stories this year, and thanks to that fateful bubble bath, I’m on my way! 

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