I’m scheduled for surgery tomorrow so, depending upon the havoc general anesthesia wreaks on me, I may be persona non exista for a day or two. My past experiences with surgically-induced unconsciousness have not been pretty so even the dh is a little nervous about being with me in the recovery room for this.

This is also a fairly new procedure I’m undergoing so I’ll share my experience with you all when I’m back. (I know: you eagerly await every grisly detail…)

On the writing front, I completed the final galley for Kismet’s Angel (my alter ego’s first book) and await an official release date. I’ve written a new article for Footnotes, the newsletter for Dunes & Dreams, regarding The High Concept Pitch and I’ll be uploading it to my website later today. If you’re going to RWA National in two weeks, I recommend you take a look at it before you leave. And of course, if you’ll be at National, look for me at the Literacy Signing or around the hotel. I’m a big redhead with feathers in her ears; you can’t miss me.