First, the answers to Thursday’s TT Quiz:

1. I’m Henry the 8th I am (second verse, same as the first…)
2. A writer (most likely romance based on the snippets he reads aloud: “Love was…”)
3. Joan Wilder (and her heroine was Angelina.)
4. Linda was shoplifting a tie at Bergdorf’s
5. Ice cream
6. A psychologist
7. Russian (Glasnost, borscht…)
8. Dustin Hoffman
9. Horse and Hound
10. The San Francisco 49ers (“What did I tell you when we first met? I’m a niners fan…”)
11. Orange, the fruit; not the color
12. Day by Day from Godspell (Day by day by day by day…)
13. She was having liposuction.

Congrats to Heather, who got more of them right than anyone else! No prize, but you can still call yourself an expert.

Yesterday was also the date of the LIRW’s annual luncheon. I met a lot of new people, including two of my partners in critiquing: Penny from Down Under, and Debi from not quite so down under (New Jersey.) Lucky Mom won two of the baskets raffled off (though I still think one of them was mine since she had control of my tickets. LOL!) We had a great turnout of editors and agents and actually ran into overtime! If you were there, I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did, and that you came away with some great contacts.

For me, the nicest surprise came at the end of the day when the current co-presidents of the LIRW presented me with a lovely engraved desk clock as a special gift. It now sits beside my Golden Rose in a place of honor. I’m so very grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. Family isn’t always about blood; it’s about love. And I’ve truly found a home at the LIRW. I hope every romance writer has a home chapter as warm and as giving as ours!