Last week, I gave you my favorite K-Cup flavors. This week, as promised, are some easy ways to create barrista style drinks at home.

1. Mocha: Toss a handful of chocolate chips and a teaspoon of your favorite sweetener into the bottom of a coffee mug. Brew any flavored coffee in your Keurig and allow to pour over the chocolate chips. Stir til chocolate is melted. Add cream, half & half, or milk to taste.

2. Caramel Vanilla: Brew one cup of bold coffee and one cup of French vanilla coffee in a large mug (using the smallest mug setting to avoid spillover). Add 2 tbsp caramel syrup and half & half or milk to taste. Additional sweetener is optional.

3. Brownie Mocha: Add one envelope of hot cocoa mix to the bottom of a large mug. Brew one cup of any nutty flavored coffee into the cocoa. Stir briskly. Add creamer and or whipped cream to taste.

4. Boston Iced Tea: Fill a large pitcher with ice about halfway. Sprinkle about 1/2 c sugar over ice. Brew 3 black tea K-cups, let sit for five minutes, then pour over ice. Add one 12 oz can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate and stir til well blended.

5. Iced Cafe Latte: Swirl chocolate syrup in the bottom and up the sides of a tall glass. Sprinkle additional sweetener inside if needed. Fill glass with ice and pour about 1/2 c of half & half over ice. Brew flavored K-cup into glass. Add whipped cream and more chocolate syrup, if desired.

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