How’s that for alliteration, kids? We all know the basics about February (black history, football, groundhogs, valentines, and presidents) but here are five things you might not have been aware of:

1. Legend claims Augustus Caesar took a day from February in the Gregorian calendar to add to August so that “his” month would have as many days as July (named for Julius Caesar).

2. February is derived from the Latin word, februa, which meant to purify, deigning the second month of the year the time for pre-spring cleaning!

3. Due to its short length, February is the only month in a calendar year that can go without a full moon.

4. The name February is only about 100 years old. Prior terms for the second month of the year were Februeer and Feverell.

5. Forget the first Monday in October. In 1790, the Supreme Court met for the very first time on the first of February.

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