Face it. Somedays, we all wake up and want to quit our jobs–even writers. So, why don’t I give up this craziness and go back to a normal life? Because deep down I’m insane and a glutton for punishment. No, really. Here are five things I love most about writing.

1. I can torture my enemies. Yes, sad but true. Burn me and you might find yourself in the pages of my latest novel. Oh, don’t worry. No one will know it’s you. But you will. And I will. And that’s good enough for me.

2. I get to play God. A fly-by psychology analysis in a bookstore one day brought me to this conclusion and I have to admit, the doctor was in. I can toss my heroine into crisis after crisis, then write her out again and again. Or I can kill her off if she gets under my skin (see rule #1).

3. It’s cathartic. All those bad memories from my childhood can become a character’s backstory, which makes my tale richer and more real to the reader.

4. Readers appreciate my work. There is nothing sweeter than reading an email or a review from someone who loved your story. It’s the ultimate high and the greatest compliment.

5. It silences the voices in my head. If I didn’t write some of this stuff down, I’d be in a padded room by now, bleary-eyed from surviving on two hours’ sleep a night and babbling to myself about people no one else knows.

So there you have it. Sound familiar? Or did I scare you away?

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