On Thursday, I’ll be flying from NY to AZ for a get-together with my bling gal, Carolyn Hughey then to present my body language workshop for the members of the Valley of the Sun Romance Writers. And I’ve got soooo much to do before the flight leaves.
1. Pedicure! Hey, I’ll be wearing open toed shoes. Yes, after a NY winter that really wasn’t a winter, my tootsies need a little TLC. So The Girl and I are off to our favorite salon for some foot fun on Saturday.
2. Handouts. Gotta get copies printed.
3. A trip to the attic to free my warm-weather clothes from storage.
4. Sunscreen. Hello? Red hair, blue eyes, Irish/Polish heritage. Yeah, the desert’s the perfect place for me. Do they sell an SPF 5000 yet?
5. Bagels. Bling misses those special NY issue bona-fide breakfast basics. Gotta bring her some.
What’s on your agenda this week?

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