Today is April Fools Day. So if someone managed to zing you today, remember these five incidents that caught a whole bunch of people off-guard! (And who knows? Maybe one of these will inspire a new scene in your writing.)

1. Spaghetti grows on trees. Did you know that? Back in 1957, the BBC show Panorama ran a news item about the spaghetti harvest well under way in Switzerland. Viewers even called the station to find out how to grow their own spaghetti tree!

2. Yo te quiero, Liberty Bell. In 1996, fast food giant Taco Bell announced they’d bought the Liberty Bell to help reduce the nation’s debt and the landmark would now be known as the Taco Liberty Bell.

3. Will aliens require a “Virgin” sacrifice? In 1989, London residents flooded police departments with reports of a glowing flying saucer floating in the air. Soon, a silver-clad figure emerged. It was Virgin Records chairman Richard Branson in a specially designed hot air balloon.

4. The Dagwood Debacle. In 1997, a group of comic strip artists swapped comics for the day so Garfield ate a sandwich at Blondie’s house and Dilbert left the corporate world for The Family Circus.

5. What About Hats for Fatheads? The easiest way to lose weight was introduced in 2000. Make way for FatSox! Simply wear these socks and they’ll suck excess body fat out of sweaty feet. Then just toss the socks in your washing machine to lose the fat for good.

Happy April Fools Day!