Eternally Yours is my latest release, a story I consider the book of my heart. What makes Eternally Yours so unusual? My characters are all dead. In fact, my heroine, Jodie, commits suicide in Chapter One. The entire story takes place in the Afterlife. Come on. You know you’re curious.

You can find it at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

1. “Let’s not measure attitude, pal. You’ve got enough diva in you to belt out La Traviata.”

2. You think this is some chick flick where you’ll just pop down to a psychic, get her to talk to the love you left behind, and then the beings of magical light will carry you away to the Sweet Hereafter for doing a good deed for a stranger in pain. And you don’t see anything funny.”

3.  “Yeah, right. And men go to strip clubs for the music.”

4. “That sounds like a fair fight. Two big, strong, strapping men against a pair of women. Don’t worry, Luc. We’ll try not to hurt you.”

5. “How much of that is really you and how much is…umm…” While her mind struggled for a better description, her mouth went with “…digital manipulation?”
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