I’m currently enroute to the New England RWA Imagination in Flight Conference. And since I missed last week’s Friday Five (mea culpa!), I decided on a quick fly-by post for today. But stay tuned or go to my Facebook page later in the day and over the weekend where I’ll be posting photos and updates of all the fun. For now, though, here are five lines from the third book in the Nobody Series, Nobody’s Perfect (currently in production):

1. Her marriage was a sham, a farce, a train wreck. (Chapter 1)

2. “You’ll wear a hat like that over my dead body,” Summer managed to say through her tight teeth. (Chapter 2)

3.  The idea that he might have broken her heart–even by proxy–made him feel lower than worm food. (Chapter 3)

4. Now the target of his stupidity sat across from him, a promise to help him still fresh on her lips. (Chapter 4)

5. “God, April, do you always become so brain dead when you lock lips with Jeff?” (Chapter 5)

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into Summer’s story, due out in December. Don’t forget to check out the other Friday Fivers this week! Their links are in my sidebar.