I do a lot of workshops for new and ambitious writers. Whatever the subject of the workshop, there’s always a Q&A, and the same questions seem to pop up over and over again. Here are a few, along with the answers I provide:

1. How long does it take you to write a book?
Honestly? It depends on the book and whether or not I’m on deadline. I’ve churned out some books in ninety days, others can take over a year. I tend to work well under pressure, but I also like the freedom of time to really explore my characters and the plot by meandering through, chapter by chapter.

2. Where do you get your ideas?
Everywhere. Overheard conversations, the couple in the car next to me when I’m stuck in traffic, dreams, bad books or movies I want to rewrite, a really good “how we met” story. Everything I hear or see is an inspiration.

3. Should I pay for an editor to review my work?
If you’re planning to self-publish, YES. If you’re publishing through the traditional route, NO: an editor will be assigned to you by your publishing house.

4. How much money do you make?
How much do you make?

5. Why romance?
Why not? Actually, romance gives me the greatest variety of avenues to explore. I can write contemporary, historical, or futuristic. Or I can combine all three! I can incorporate a murder, a kidnapping, or suicide. My main characters can be living, dead, or undead. Any age, any gender. They can have magical qualities, the ability to transform into something else, or just be the normal girl/boy-next-door. I can set my story on Earth, another planet, or another realm. So long as at the heart of my story, two people fall in love and hint at the promise of a future relationship, I’ve got a romance. The possibilities are as endless and eternal as True Love!

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